Birding Mato Grosso specializes in providing customized birding and natural history tours to Brazil, with a special emphasis on the Amazon rainforest and the cerrado savannas of the Brazilian Interior. We are committed to delivering quality tours based on the preferences of our clients.

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DESTINATION SPOTLIGHT: Birding Mato Grosso continues to operate in partnership with the Rio Azul Jungle Lodge, a new and exciting bird and butterfly destination in the southern Amazon. With a bird list approaching 500 species, comfortable accommodations with 24-hour electricity, and some of the finest food in the Amazon, the Rio Azul has earned rave reviews from birders from around the world. Key species include Bald Parrot, Crimson Topaz, Hyacinth Macaw, and Tapajós Hermit. See our Southern Amazonia itinerary for further details, or contact us for a standalone visit to the Rio Azul.